In search of a(n) (is)land

It’s been almost a year. We departed our beloved tulip country in March 2015, and we’re just about to start 2016. A new year with a new quest. We are looking for a new home, like Bonaire, but maybe a wee bit bigger and definitely more tropical. And of course tons of sharks, to keep the boyfriend happy.

I’ve been searching the internet for some inspiration, to find hidden gems that I haven’t heard of yet. And along the way I’ve created a checklist; finding the perfect (is)land is like finding the perfect husband. Difficult, but definitely worth it (I hope).

So, let’s have a closer look at that checklist of mine:

  • My #1 priority: TROPICAL. I’ll consider returning to the cold once there’s mini me’s, but for now I need to wear flip flops day in day out.
  • Colourful! Tropical and colourful should be one and the same, at least they are in my dictionary. Hence, (beach) houses in candy colours, blue skies, green nature and locals wearing every colour of the rainbow. No plain dresses in my paradise.
  • Nature. Definitely nature. Lush rainforests, sandy beaches, rumbling volcanoes. I’d like it all! Hiking during the day, camping on the beach at night. Ay ay, captain!
  • Brain development opportunities is another major one. Guiding novice divers through the wonderful underwater world of Bonaire and all has been fun, but the brain needs a workout too. The presence of a university or research center is a huge bonus; and if this is too far-fetched, I’d at least need a brain-involving job.
  • Development is also somewhere on my list, and it’s a difficult one. I do need some kind of luxury in the sense that I’d like internet, and maybe a supermarket (and an ice cream shop!). But not too much since development attracts tourists. A destination that doesn’t allow cruise boats anywhere near its territory sounds perfect to me. I’m somewhat fed up with silly tourists. No, I’m absolutely, completely fed up with the silliest of the silliest tourists that feel the need to hop on a floating hotel.

Right, that’s about it. At least, these are the most important boxes that need to be checked.

So, while surfing on the internet, I found Dominica. An undiscovered tropical island in the Caribbean also know as the ‘nature island’. Its inhabitants are (supposedly) very friendly, and its covered with gorgeous rainforests. And waterfalls! And boiling lakes! Although Dominica is a cruise boat destination, it is not as invaded by tourists like some other Caribbean islands. Moreover, there is an actual research center that focuses on environmental research! Sounds like I should have packed my bags yesterday! One minor point of consideration, there’s as little shark presence on Dominica as on Bonaire. So I might have to kidnap my significant other.

Anyways, updates will surely follow!


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