The boy next door

Word of today: Bon dia

She had turned 90 this month. One wrinkle for every year she had been on this planet. Her children, all nine of them, and many grandchildren had come to celebrate her life. Her little cottage in Nikiboko, Bonaire, full of life. Kids running around, playing with the red, blue and yellow balloons that were dancing in the wind. She enjoyed every moment of it.

Every day at 6am the birds woke her up. Their voices so sweet in the morning sun. She’d slowly get up, as fast as her body would allow her to. She’d wander into her little garden where Bruni, her beloved dog, greeted her with the same enthusiasm every morning. He was still young and energetic, like herself in her younger days. She’d sit down and comb her long hair, whilst she waited.

Her eyes lit up. The corners of her mouth started to curl into a smile. She was very fond of the boy. His eyes blue as the ocean, bright as the sky. Always reflecting the sunlight. She watched him approach the gate and waited for that one moment, when he would notice her.

Bon nochi! There he was. The boy from far away lands who did not yet master her language. Her mother tongue, a mixture of many exotic idioms, was a mystery to the boy.

He was teasing her. The same ritual every morning. She threw her head in her neck, her silver hair caught by the wind. She laughed and played along. Bon dia! Bon DIA! She loved the look in his eyes when he’d realise he had spoken the wrong words. Oh, how much she liked her boy next door.



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