Bon Bini to Bonaire

Word of today: Bon bini

A first impression. Your eyelashes move up and down. A split second. And you know. You know whether this is yours. Whether this can be home.

We left the plane and walked onto new soil. The sun warmed our faces. Our eyes blinded. Waiting for that first impression. That crucial moment on which our near future depended. Were we going to stay on this Caribbean island or would we run back home?

In the back of a white pick-up truck I let the unknown landscape pass by. With every second I grew more anxious. My mind tired, not ready to take in all these new impressions. Those first few moments in my newly adopted home, I felt like screaming. Lush, tropical, and vibrant were definitely not the words describing this tiny island located in the Caribbean Sea. I wanted to run.

I looked at my boyfriend who was now talking to our driver. I wanted to catch his eye, see the fear in his eyes, know what he felt like. Was his first impression as bad as mine?

Later I learned it was. He shared that gut feeling, this wasn’t our island. It just lacked that tropical feeling; vibrant colours, singing birds, green rainforests. Although our hesitation diminished as we got used to our new home, discovered some pretty sites and met friendly locals, Bonaire never really felt like ours. And it still doesn’t. Hence, it’s time. Time to move on and continue our search for that one perfect (is)land.



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